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 Happy Birthday Kuzii

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PostSubject: Happy Birthday Kuzii   September 23rd 2009, 03:16

what did blizz get me for my bday?

AV bracket is now 70-79 for my 70 hunter.
AV Bracket is now 60-69 for my 60 paladin.

cant run ony anymore

Games so laggy that you cant attack or mount but can still chat.

takes 15 min to log in.

my UI gets fucked up after i just made it yesterday.

nerfed my BM dueling spec that was good against rogues.

good shit. thanks blizz.

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PostSubject: Re: Happy Birthday Kuzii   September 23rd 2009, 08:37


Oh, yeah. Happy Belated-Birthday!

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”
-- Carl Sagan
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Happy Birthday Kuzii
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