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 Propanè Korgath - 80 Mage (Sample Application)

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Propanè Korgath - 80 Mage (Sample Application) Empty
PostSubject: Propanè Korgath - 80 Mage (Sample Application)   Propanè Korgath - 80 Mage (Sample Application) EmptySeptember 14th 2009, 20:54


1.) Name, class, race & server (transfers welcome)

Propanè(Alt + 138 for the è). 80 Human Mage - Korgath

2.) Quick rundown of your build, its primary focus, a link to your Armory profile, and an explanation of anything that needs clarification (alternate gear/spec, etc). Please logout in your PVE gear.

This is my armory link.

19/52/0 or 20/51/0. These two builds are extremly similar. Depending on the encounter the range from 19/52/0(6 yards farther) helps. I prefer a TTW/fire build over arcane for a few reasons. TTW/Fire is about 4% more dps(with the same gear) than an arcane mage from my trials. Arcane is still a good spec, and can put down some very respectable burst damage. I dislike the mana inefficency of this spec, but would be more than willing to raid as arcane if you prefered it.

3.)Why do you want to join Insurrection?

I have heard that you guys are a somewhat serious, but laid back 70 guild that continues to raid old instances because you enjoy the content. I am in a very similiar position at the moment and would like to enjoy this content with a raid team of 70's.

4.) Discuss your pre-wrath raiding experience. Be specific. Please don't simply post that you "cleared everything" -- this is a useless statement that tells me nothing.

In Vanilla, I didn't have anything close to noteworthy as far as top 1000 kills, or progression goes. But I cleared ZG, MC, BWL. 4/9 AQ40, Huhran attempts. 5/6 AQ20, Osiaran attempts. C'thun killed after BC release)

Throughout the start of burning crusade, I was in <Dawn> of Alleria playing my warlock Cele. Dawn had top 500 gruul and magtheridon kills, both of which i was present for. After venturing into TK and SSC, with little difficulty on vashj and a few weeks on Kael, we managed to stay top 1000. We cleared all of hyjal and BT, with a bit of difficulty due to guild drama between two officers and a few of their member friends. After sunwell release, we brought down kalecos within two weeks and moved onto brutallus. Our dps proved to be under-par for this encounter, and we spent several weeks wiping. During this time, It was the transition into my sophmore year in college, and I decided to take a break from playing world of warcraft. This is as far as I got progression wise, pre-3.0.

5.) Discuss your gear and talents, and how they enable you to maximize your raiding effectiveness. What steered you to make your choices (spreadsheet/WWS analysis, forum theorycraft, etc)? Explain any ways in which you are still working on improving your character.

Currently my character is in crafted/ulduar gear, and is currently the proven top dps spec for a mage. I have personally tried out a few different variations in order to try and increase dps output/longevity. The fire spec that I have come up with personally works the best for me and the current encounters in ulduar. I also have an arcane offspec that I use for a few fights that favor arcane in ulduar, for example, Thorim HM. I also have a frost spec worked out that I use when doing Vizax Hardmode.

I actively engage in Elitist Jerks mage theorycraft, and have my own Excel spreadsheet with formulias to match mage dps(have one for arcane and fire, I haven't messed around to creating one for Frost or FFB). I enjoy theoycrafting out different builds, then trying both of them out in game to see how theorycraft relates to actual in game preformance.

I am always farming for crafted gear in order to attain easy upgrades for myself outside of raiding.

6.) Tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you? What is your gender? What do you do (work/school)? What is your personality like? How long have you played WoW? Add anything else you feel is pertinent.

I'm a senior at the University of Missouri. I'm 23 years old, and i'm male. I am currently finishing a major in biochemistry, then going onto optometry school next year.

I'm pretty laid back outside of raids. I don't really take pvp or arena too seriously, but raiding is a more serious part of the game for me. I prefer to listen and raid, I won't be the guy clogging vent with irrelevant information during raids. I've been playing WoW since the end of beta testing, and have seen all stages of this game so far(ect Vanilla endgame, BC endgame, LK endgame, as well as some less serious pvp).

I have some leadership experience after 3.0, and could possibly raid lead every now and then if it was absolutely needed.

7.) What days/times will you be consistently unavailable to raid given our schedule? What are your usual playing hours? Please give an estimate of what raid attendance % we can expect from you.

On Monday and Wednesday nights I have class until 6:30ish, server. So normally I won't be able to be on until 7:30 those nights. Other than that, i'm pretty confident that I can maintain a solid 80% raid attendance. I may miss a raid or two a month due to real life issues, such as leaving town to go see family.

8.) List any references who could vouch for you. These can be from any guild/server, not necessarily Insurrection.

Xaneynn <Dawn> - Alleria
Callera <Dawn> - Alleria
Judeath <Insurrection> - Korgath

9.) Out-of-game contact information (AIM or Yahoo IM preferred).

MSN and E-mail:

10) CPU, RAM, Video Card & Internet connection type.

Friend built my computer specifically for gaming. 6 Gig of DDR ram. Nvidia GeForce GTX 260, Hughesnet satallite internet.

11) Provide a screen shot of your User Interface in a 25-man raid setting (a combat situation in Alterac Valley is fine if you don't have one on hand).

On a side note - I bumped all of your recruitment posts to try and help out Very Happy
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Propanè Korgath - 80 Mage (Sample Application)
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