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 Mages! A brief raiding overview

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Mages!  A brief raiding overview Empty
PostSubject: Mages! A brief raiding overview   Mages!  A brief raiding overview EmptySeptember 6th 2009, 02:31

So before we get into anything, I'd like to mention that the following information has worked best for myself and my trials. I'll be going over my two prefered raiding specs.

10/51/0 and 0/50/11

First, there are a few general things that you need to keep in mind, as a mage:

12.6 Hit rating=1% Hit
22 Crit Rating=1% Crit
15.8 Haste Rating=1% Increased casting speed(baseline figure)

Your base mana 2241(Not a gnome).

Hit Cap

When attacking a boss it is considered three levels higher than you. The hit cap, untalented and without a SP/Oomkin is 214(17%). We are not going to be shooting for this number, as we normally raid with a SP and a draenei. It should be noted until the cap hit is the best stat in the game to increase your dps, point for point.

There are two primary hit standards, and each varies with your spec.

165 Hit rating(13%) - This is hit capped with the 3% increased chance to hit that SP/Oomkin give, and heroic presence. (10/51/0)

126 Hit rating(10%) - This is hit capped with the 3% from talents, 1% from heroic presence and 3% from a SP/Oomkin. (0/50/11)

0/50/11 Playstyle(Icy Veins)

This spec is the entry level raiding spec. The rotation(priorities) is somewhat simplier to start off raiding with. This build is more effective for less geared mages than lolbomb spec. I don't recommend going living bomb until you have at least 1250 spellpower and 177 hit unbuffed. This tends to draw the line where Icy Veins starts to fall behind in dps verses Living Bomb.


Hot Streak>Scorch Stacks>Fireball

Fairly simple, don't lose hot streak procs. This kills your dps.


You have a number of glyphs to choose from. I prefer scorch glyph and fireball glyph as this spec.

10/51/0 Playstyle(Lolbomb)

This spec is more reliant on gear. Your dps tends to increase dramatically with this spec, or moreso than with Icy Veins because of Living Bomb's coefficent. You'll want the following stats unbuffed before you spec out of IV and into lolbomb, to get the most out of your dps.

1250 SP

165 Hit rating(13%) - This is hit capped with the 3% increased chance to hit that SP/Oomkin give, and heroic presence.

Your priorities, and playstyle isn't difficult here but it requires some practice to perfect.

Lolbomb>Hot Streak>Scorch Stacks>Fireball

This is the basic rotation. If for instance, you get a crit on your next fireball and you have a high probability of getting another hot streak your going to want to switch your priorities up and use your instant pyro, then lolbomb.

As far as trinkets go, you want to pop your spellpower trinkets right before you refresh living bomb on the target. This way you get two living bomb's that benefit from the extra spellpower used with your trinket. So when using your cooldowns as this spec, it should look something similiar to this.

Its important to use combustion right after lolbomb is cast(and scorch has been refreshed), so that you don't waste a combustion proc on lolbomb(or scorch) rather than a fireball.

Lightemup casts scorch on the target
Lightemup gains limitless power
Living bomb Fades from the target
Lightemup casts living bomb on the target
Lightemup gains combustion (Note, combustion isn't worth it at 80, but at 70 its a viable talent to get)
Lightemup casts fireball
*Follow priorities from here*

You will be able to get a second lolbomb in with the increased benefit of spelldamage from your trinket as well if your following the priorities right. If your using the Serpent-Coil Braid from SSC, you want to use your trinket first, then mana gem. Otherwise, your trinket will be put on the 15 sec CD.


I prefer Molten armor and fireball glyph. With the T6, and deep sunwell gear the molten armor glyph increases crit rating enough to push it ahead of the lolbomb glyph, which is primarily used for rolling ignites.

AoE rotation

AoE isn't really a big deal in any instance until sunwell. A lot of sunwell trash can be AoE'd down, and it speeds things up for us to do so. So i'd like to give a brief overlay on AoE as either spec. Same thing, works with priorities.

If you have Lolbomb, with the 3.2 buff its clearly best to tab spam it. Ignore the hot streak procs off of it. Renewing Lolbomb or casting flamestrike(if you have downtime) is more important.

Without Lolbomb:
Flamestrike(Rank 7)>Flamestrike(Rank 6)>Blizzard(Max Rank)

Rinse and repeat. We use two ranks of flamestrike because of our talents. Talents increase fire damage enough thats its worth using the top two ranks for two fire dots, and one blizzard dot on the ground.


Flask of pure death (80 fire damage)

Superior wizard oil to weapon (43 spell power)

Fish Feast or Tender Shoveltusk Steak or Firecracker Salmon (46 Spell power food)
Snapper Extreme (+40 Hit); This depends on your gear, just calculate if your going to lose more spellpower switching out gear for hit. If that is the case, you'll want hit food.

There are a few other things i may have missed. Let me know if you have any questions, or any input!
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Mages! A brief raiding overview
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