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PostSubject: RECRUITMENT TEMPLATE - READ BEFORE POSTING   September 2nd 2009, 01:02

Read the entirety of the following post before applying. Read each question carefully and make sure you understand it before replying. If you do not understand a question, contact me before posting your application. I will deny an application immediately if you can not write at a high-school level.

Immortality is currently recruiting the following classes:


Some notes about hybrids and multi-specs: Ideally, I want players who are capable and eager to play two of their specs. If I tell you to raid resto and we never need you as elemental, I want you to be fine with that.

RAID SCHEDULE: We raid TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY with raids on SUNDAY AND MONDAY pending content. All raids start at 7:00 PM with raids usually lasting until 11:00PM. Optional raids such as 10 man hard mode runs are held throughout the week.

ATTENDANCE: All members are required to attend raids if they are able to. The loot system we use rewards people who show up, so it is in your best interest to be able to. WE DO REALIZE THAT PEOPLE HAVE LIVES AND MISSING A RAID IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD

TRIAL PERIOD: During your trial you’ll be observed for skill, attitude and attendance. You may receive constructive feedback on how to improve your play.


1.) Name, class, race & server (transfers welcome)

2.) Quick rundown of your build, its primary focus, a link to your Armory profile, and an explanation of anything that needs clarification (alternate gear/spec, etc). Please logout in your PVE gear.

3.)Why do you want to join Immortality?

4.) Discuss your pre-wrath raiding experience. Be specific. Please don't simply post that you "cleared everything" -- this is a useless statement that tells me nothing.

5.) Discuss your gear and talents, and how they enable you to maximize your raiding effectiveness. What steered you to make your choices (spreadsheet/WWS analysis, forum theorycraft, etc)? Explain any ways in which you are still working on improving your character.

6.) Tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you? What is your gender? What do you do (work/school)? What is your personality like? How long have you played WoW? Add anything else you feel is pertinent.

7.) What days/times will you be consistently unavailable to raid given our schedule? What are your usual playing hours? Please give an estimate of what raid attendance % we can expect from you.

8.) List any references who could vouch for you. These can be from any guild/server, not necessarily Insurrection.

9.) Out-of-game contact information (AIM or Yahoo IM preferred).

10.) CPU, RAM, Video Card & Internet connection type.

11.) Provide a screen shot of your User Interface in a 25-man raid setting (a combat situation in Alterac Valley is fine if you don't have one on hand).
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